Animas Valley Action Coalition

Purpose of the Action Coalition:  An organized group (Valley residents) to stay informed and have a voice on how the Animas Valley is developed under the Animas Valley District Plan (AVDP).  This group will review proposals that have potential to impact the valley and mitigate the adverse impacts of new development on existing residents, commercialization, utilities, environmental concerns, transportation and planning/zoning in the Animas Valley.  The Coalition will ensure proposed development maintains the “natural beauty and landscape, rural lands and viability of agricultural production” of the Valley and its residents.

We believe the Roberts Resort Village Camp at the Trimble Crossing of the Animas River is one such non-conforming proposal.

If you are interested to explore the hidden impacts of the Robert Resort Village Camp and what the possible future of our valley could be please check out these links:

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Latest News:

  • County Commisioners “On The Road” Meeting
    Please note our County Commissioners scheduled an “On the Road” meeting for Animas Valley residents at the Animas Valley Grange, 7271 County Road 203, on Wednesday, July 17, 6:00 – 7:30 p.m. This is an excellent opportunity to have informal discussion with all three elected Commissioners: Clyde Church, Marsha Porter-Norton and Matt Salka, and other key County staff… Read more: County Commisioners “On The Road” Meeting
  • Planning Commission Listening Session Update
    Animas Valley Action Coalition (AVAC) Input at Planning Commission Public Meeting for suggestions to improve Sketch Plan Process – April 25th, 2024 Darlene Koontz, member of the AVAC Coordinating Committee, read a statement from AVAC outlining our suggestions for improving the Sketch Plan Process making these specific points: These comments by AVAC were received without… Read more: Planning Commission Listening Session Update
  • RDAC Website is now Live
    The “Registered District Advisory Committees” (RDACs) serve primarily as public liaisons with the Planning Department, and are an opportunity for organized citizen groups to present the positions of their members and other residents of their district during district plan amendment processes and specific types of land use permit applications. There are 12 “districts” in La… Read more: RDAC Website is now Live
  • Planning commission to hold listening session
    See the Herald Article: The La Plata County Planning Commission will hold a listening session regarding the current provisions for the sketch plan process in the La Plata County Land Use Code (as outlined primarily in LPLUC Sec. 66-19). The session will be included as part of the commission’s regularly scheduled meeting at 6 p.m.… Read more: Planning commission to hold listening session
  • AVAC’s LPC Compliance Report Analysis
    The AVAC core committee has posted their take on the compliance reports published by the La Plata County Planning Department related to the Roberts Village Camp Durango project. Roberts has 120 days View the summary on the County Planning Documents page under the Resources tab. Roberts has until mid-July to address the issues.