Animas Valley Action Coalition Donations

The Animas Valley Action Coalition (AVAC) organization is now officially “AVAC Durango LLC”. Our short-term goal is to oppose the Roberts Village Camp Durango. Our long-term vision is to provide public input related to proposed new projects and their potential impact to the Animas Valley.

We have been successful in locating a Land Use Attorney from Grand Junction, “Andrew H. Teske”.  We are now set-up to accept donations to proceed as an organization.  Your initial donations will go towards Legal services, Engineering services, and Administrative costs, etc. The entire Coordinating Committee members are volunteers and all of your funds will go toward the resources needed to fulfill our vision and goals stated above.

We can only do this with the support of our membership. If you wish to donate,

Checks may be made payable to “AVAC Durango LLC

Mailed To:
AVAC Durango LLC
P.O. Box 4425
Durango, CO 81302

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What will the money be used for?

Our immediate needs are to fund a land attorney who can advise on the best approach for opposing the Roberts project, plus engaging an engineering firm to provide reports relative to infrastructure impacts and adherence to the Land Use Code. Retainers for these firms are in the neighborhood of $5K to $10K each.

2) What happens to the money raised when the Roberts project is over?

Financial revenue will continue the process of protecting the Animas Valley from over-development and/or development not in the spirit of the Animas Valley District Plan. This may mean that eventually we would become a 501c3, or we may be able to work with other entities, such as the La Plata County Open Space Conservancy or some other nonprofit to achieve such goals. Remember AVAC is a year-round organization with a goal to work more collaboratively with everyone on a long-term strategic plan for the valley.

3) What happens to the money should AVAC dissolve?

Should AVAC Coordinating Committee decide to dissolve, any residual funds will be distributed to a worthy 501c3 organization that shares our vision.

4) Which Land Use Attorney is to be used?

We have identified Andrew H. Teske of Grand Junction to represent our interests in the Roberts project. While we believe their group is a good fit, if we find otherwise, we will identify appropriate alternate representation. (Our goal is to keep the firm on retainer for strategic guidance over time with development.)

5) How much are we attempting to raise at this time?

We have an immediate need for ~$15K to engage competent representation to evaluate our positions and advise on appropriate steps.

6) Is my donation tax deductible?

There is quite a bit of time and money needed to attain 501c3 status, so unfortunately the answer is No, it is not tax deductible at this time. We may elect in the future to pursue (501c3 status).

7) How will donations and expenses be monitored?

The books will be audited on a regular basis. Members of the coordinating committee will be responsible for identifying and monitoring how the money is used. A yearly report will be provided upon request to donors on how the money is being used.

8) Can I make targeted donations (e.g. only to be used for legal expenses)?

As a small all-volunteer organization we are not set up to track exactly where individual donations will be spent. It is clear that legal counsel will be the lion’s share of expenses anticipated in the near future. If it becomes clear that another priority would prove a better and more effective use of funds (e.g. securing engineering reports, expert witness expense, etc…) we need to reserve the right to reassess the priorities of where to place our resources.

Again, this is a community grass roots effort. We will endeavor to manage your donations in an ethical, responsible manner to maximize its effectiveness. We are also open to your input so please contribute your opinions and expertise.

Thank you again for your support – it takes village!