Purpose of the Action Coalition:  An organized group (Valley residents) to stay informed and have a voice on how the Animas Valley is developed under the Animas Valley District Plan (AVDP).  This group will review proposals that have potential to impact the valley and mitigate the adverse impacts of new development on existing residents, commercialization, utilities, environmental concerns, transportation and planning/zoning in the Animas Valley.  The Coalition will ensure proposed development maintains the “natural beauty and landscape, rural lands and viability of agricultural production” of the Valley and its residents.

Purpose of Coordinating Committee: to call together the Animas Valley Action Coalition and coordinate responses to any type of proposed development that has the potential to impact the Animas Valley. This includes water, air, sanitation, fire protection, traffic impacts (to include bicycle safety), wildlife, landscapes, historic resources, night skies, and soundscapes. Ensure all proposals fall within the Animas Valley District Plan and the Animas Valley Land Use Plan (AVLUP), and are compatible with those values “protect and respect the county’s most valued assets, such as its natural beauty and landscape, rural lands and viability of agricultural production; and mitigate the adverse impacts of new developments on existing residents.”  To also coordinate with the Registered District Advisory Committee.

Functions of the coordinating committee:

  • make sound, smart decisions in support of the Animas Valley
  • when necessary, call meetings of the Animas Valley Action Coalition to respond to proposals that have potential impacts in the Animas Valley
  • to coordinate with Registered District Advisory Committee (RDAC)
  • to coordinate a legal strategy if needed
  • to communicate with elected officials on proposals affecting the Animas Valley and work with these professionals for the good of the Animas Valley and our community in general
  • provide current list and contact information for those individuals who are the decision makers for approval of development projects in the Animas Valley.
  • develop focus groups in order to respond to individual development proposal/s

Focus groups developed in response to Robert’s Village Camp Proposal:  communications, research, legal, and administrative.

Membership:  resident or property owner within the Animas Valley District identified within the La Plata County District Plan.  Guest members who are not valley residents but support AVAC goals.  If a vote is necessary, voting will be held by residents or property owners within the Animas Valley District. 

Meetings:  will be held as needed to respond to proposals in the Animas Valley or a minimum 2 times per year.  Date, time and location may vary.