New Year Update

Happy New Year!  We trust you all had a wonderful Holiday season.

As we head into this new year, we wanted to inform you of an update to Roberts Resorts Village Camp, Phase 1 application.  We have been told by the Planning Department that the review process is nearing its completeness.  This in no way means this is a done deal.  

As mentioned earlier, a Neighborhood Meeting will be the next step in the process as per Lynn Hyde (Community Development Director), so we are once again asking you all to please be prepared to attend this meeting in full force, and have your questions & concerns at the ready.  Be sure to check our website for facts, articles and our Top 10 Impacts which you may find useful.  We need to remember to stay focused and factual at any and all meetings.  As soon as this date is announced, we will get the word out quickly.

Also, we would like to thank those of you who submitted comments to the Planning Department website, and the Letters to the Editor in the Durango Herald.  We counted 20+ additional comments & 2 letters with more on the way, so please keep them coming.  All comments on the Planning website will be accepted until the day before the Planning Commission holds its meeting.  So, continue to fill that page with your objections.  Your continued interest in supporting sensible and responsible development in the Animas Valley is appreciated.

Below is the link to the comment section of the County Planning website. Please be sure to have your objections added to the record for this project. 

Please click the blue box titled “Public Comment Form” and fill out.  Project number is, PL#20230036.

Click here for link