Compliance Reports Released

The La Plata County Planning Department has posted the “Project # PL2023-0036, Durango Village Camp First Compliance Review” and supporting reports on the public portal. The review and supporting report documents are on our AVAC website in the County Planning Documents Resource page. 

The overall review was out-sourced to a company called Baseline Engineering Corporation in the Denver, CO area and the reviewer was Tez Hawkins. The report is very thorough and the report notes a number of instances in the Roberts proposed plan that do not comply with the La Plata County Land Use Code (LUC). For instance, they noted that the Roberts “Park Model” (i.e. tiny homes) are not RVs and actually should be treated as manufactured homes.

While this is a positive development we cannot relax our efforts. Roberts has until mid-July to address the issues.  That provides additional time for our attorney to evaluate and develop our positions. Thanks for your continued support and encouragement!

We are analyzing the documents and will post summaries of our take on the various sections.